Advanced Dental Technology

Dental Treatment with Advanced Technology in Maplewood, MN

Digital Dental X-Rays in Maplewood, MNWe use the most advanced dental technologies and techniques to provide you and your family with the highest quality of care. Some of these technologies include digital x-rays with dramatically less radiation compared to traditional x-rays, intraoral cameras that allow our patients to see inside their own mouths, and dental lasers for procedures to cut down dramatically on healing time.

With the use of digital x-rays, Dr. Simonson is able to see with more detail and plan treatment with more precision, while protecting patients from more than 90% of the radiation emitted compared to traditional x-rays. Her use of the intraoral camera during exams also allows patients to see exactly what she is seeing and facilitates in educating our patients about their oral health.

At Bluejay Family Dentistry, we love to include our patients in the treatment planning process by utilizing advanced technologies so we may come up with the perfect solution for each individual person. Contact us at (651) 770-2900 to schedule a consultation utilizing our advanced dental technologies.