Laser Dentistry

Quiet and Comfortable Laser Dentistry Available for Patients in the Maplewood, MN Area

It may resemble science fiction, but lasers have actually been used in dentistry for years. This versatile technology assists Dr. Simonson in diagnosing cavities, performing root canals, treating gum disease, and perfecting cosmetic dentistry, among other useful applications.

So why do we use lasers whenever practical at Bluejay Family Dentistry? It’s not just because they look cool. Lasers can be superior to older instruments and technology in that they produce minimal noise and vibration. This makes for a more comfortable and pleasant dental experience for both kids and adults.

At Bluejay Family Dentistry, your convenience and time are of the utmost importance to us. See our latest technology for yourself by calling (651) 770-2900 now for an appointment.