Exams and Dental Cleanings

The Foundation of Dental Care in Maplewood, MN

A family dentist should be just that – a dentist for your entire family. At Bluejay Family Dentistry, Dr. Alexis Simonson provides patient-centered dental care for all ages. This means we go above and beyond to make your dental visits convenient, relaxing, and of the highest quality.

Great dental care is founded on regular cleanings and examinations. These necessary procedures are hassle-free at Bluejay Family Dentistry, where we provide family block appointment scheduling and see kids, adults, and seniors of all ages. You’ll receive excellent care designed to prevent and detect any problems, saving you time and money in the long run.

Preventative Care

Why do you need to visit the dentist if you’re not experiencing any problems? The fact is that even the most diligent at-home care is insufficient to prevent all dental issues. Brushing and flossing are crucial, but we use specialized instruments and professional knowledge to clean your teeth, gums, and entire mouth comprehensively.

Furthermore, our equipment – like low-radiation digital x-rays – helps Dr. Simonson look for hidden issues or oncoming problems that have not yet made themselves obvious. By getting ahead of future pitfalls, we can help prevent pain, inconvenience, and high costs.

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