Oral Cancer Screenings

Expert Oral Cancer Exams in Maplewood, MN to Guard Your Health

Oral cancer does not appear on many people’s radar. However, it can be just as deadly as other forms of cancer, and delayed treatment can cause unnecessary loss of function and disfigurement of the face. Like many other cancer types, early detection of oral cancer is crucial for the best treatment outcomes.

For these reasons, Dr. Simonson of Bluejay Family Dentistry offers oral cancer screenings for all patients. These screenings are designed to catch oral cancer in all areas of the mouth as well as “pre-cancerous” conditions, characterized only by discreet changes in the soft tissues of the mouth.

Yes, tobacco users have a higher risk for oral cancer than the general population, but oral cancer can strike anyone. Even if you have never used tobacco, an oral cancer screening could help save your life.

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