Kids’ Dentistry

Dental Care in Maplewood, MN for Our Littlest Patients

Dental Care for Children in Maplewood MNWe love kids at Bluejay Family Dentistry, and we understand they have special dental needs. Dr. Simonson and our entire team are dedicated to your child’s oral health for life. We will be here to help with those first teeth, dental needs that arise in their teenage years, and well on into adulthood.

When Should Your Child First Visit the Dentist?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that kids have their first dental visit by their first birthday. By this time, your child will probably only have a few incisors, but this first visit is crucial for several reasons. It not only allows Dr. Simonson to examine your little one’s mouth and jaws for problems and make sure they are growing properly, but also gives her the chance to discuss with you the proper way to take care of their teeth at home. Additionally, the first visit gives your child a chance to meet our team and allow them to become comfortable in our office. This visit is the primary step in a lifetime of good dental health.

Our Pediatric Services

We offer several treatments tailored towards our young patients, including fluoride treatments. Dr. Simonson applies a fluoride varnish that protects young teeth from decay. This helps prevent possible infection and tooth loss, conditions that are both painful and require longer appointments to fix. The fluoride application is a quick and totally pain-free experience.

We also provide sealants – coatings that cover the chewing surface of the molars. Kids should have this preventative treatment at around age six and also around age twelve. Sealants act like a shield for the back teeth, protecting them from cavities and decay. Receiving this treatment is absolutely comfortable, and also completely pain-free.

Nitrous oxide is available for all pediatric care. Also known as laughing gas, this safe form of sedation helps kids relax and is a time-tested way of relieving dental anxiety.

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