Sports Mouth Guards

Play Sports Around Maplewood, MN? Consider a Sports Mouth Guard

Custom Sports Mouth Guards for Athletes in Maplewood MNOf course, a mouth guard is absolutely necessary for rough sports like boxing or football. But what about “non-contact” sports such as tennis or baseball? Accidents happen in every sport, and many a player has taken a ball to the mouth or stumbled and landed on their face. The fact is, sports mouth guards are crucial no matter your game.

At Bluejay Family Dentistry, Dr. Simonson creates custom mouth guards designed to protect your teeth. These mouth guards are not like the generic ones you find at sporting goods stores. Instead, they are molded to fit your individual mouth and teeth, so they are less thick, more comfortable, and custom fit to hold in place.

Protect yourself or your child with a sports mouth guard. Please call (651) 770-2900 to make an appointment.