Mercury-Free White Fillings

Metal-Free Fillings for Maplewood, MN Region Patients

Amalgam vs composite fillingMany dentists use silver fillings to restore cavities, and this practice has been common for several decades. Referred to as amalgams, these fillings also contain mercury.

Some studies have shown that these fillings erode over time from normal, daily chewing. As these fillings wear away, mercury vapor is released. Mercury vapor is neurotoxic, and some researchers believe that mercury fillings can lead to neurological disorders.

At Bluejay Family Dentistry, Dr. Simonson offers safe and environmentally-friendly composite fillings with no metal. Composite fillings are designed to match to the shade of your own tooth, making your filling discreet and barely noticeable.

Safe Removal of Amalgam and Mercury Fillings

When an older amalgam filling is failing and needs replacement, Dr. Simonson uses many precautions to ensure safe, quick, and effective removal of that filling. These methods include isolation of the tooth and high-speed suction.

When you or your child has a cavity, neither of you has to settle for an unattractive, obvious filling. Make an appointment with Dr. Simonson to find out about all of your options. Call us at (651) 770-2900.