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8 Ways to Improve Your Smile

Happy New Year!  To start off the year, I’d like to highlight a few tips to improve your smile. Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Many people forget to brush twice a day, but it’s very important to do so! Here’s why: Bacteria like to grow in dark and wet areas such as […]

Back to School Dental Tips for Parents

It’s almost time for the new school year!  Here are just a few tips for parents to make sure all the kids’ teeth are in tip top shape when headed back to school.   1) Set Some Rules Consider setting some rules to protect your child’s teeth against cavities without cutting out all the fun: […]

8 Tips to Whiten Your Teeth

Have you tried whitening your teeth before, but with disappointing results? Check out these quick tips and tricks I use to give our patients the whitest teeth possible. 1. Choose the right toothpaste. Many people will reach for a toothpaste that advertises “whitening” on the label, but this whitening effect is mainly due to an increased […]